Jack Devlin

Jack Devlin
Software Developer & Music Enthusiast
I'm a software developer based in the UK, currently I'm mostly working on music software and machine learning, and I'll be using this site to write about things that I've found interesting and worth sharing while working on some of these projects.

Latest from the blog

KRETS First Look


KRETS is a new VST and AudioUnit from Klevgrand, but unlike a conventional plugin KRETS is a "Modular audio environment" which allows you to prototype and build your own effects from low level DSP functions.

Envelope Followers Part 2 - Filters


In a previous jupyter notebook we looked at an overview of what envelope followers do and compared a few different designs, in particular those which are built using a low-pass filter.

In this notebook we focus how different types of low-pass filter affect the performance of the envelope follower, using a few interactive examples to compare different filters and filter parameters.